What is a default router's IP address? An IP address is a very important set of numerical digits assigned to a computer device to link it to a network and allow it to be identified on a particular computer network. Servers also remember the IP address assigned to your machine and return the reply to inquiries getting from various IP addresses. IPv4 is the term under which the newer addresses are assigned. A default router or modem IP address is generally a private IP address and employed by corporations. IP addresses on your router In general two IP addresses are required by a home network, from which one is used by the internal or home network system which is known as LAN in easy language and the other is used by the external or internet connection and known as WAN. Finding the default router or modem IP address is not hard. In the case where you need to troubleshoot or reset the connectivity system of your router or modem, it comes really beneficial. The internal or home LAN address of your computer network system is normally set to a default, private number. Just like some routers uses as their default private IP while some router from other manufacturers may use or maybe But it doesn't matter as does the same work like the other default IP addresses does (for example or It doesn't matter because all the IP addresses between to are reserved for the private default IP addresses for the modem or router. Default private IP address is provided by the manufacturer written in the documents or in the first time user guide. Once the router established with your computer system, it remains the same for forever. Devices connected with the network It is important that from the bunch of devices connected on the same network only one device should get authority to use the default IP address to avoid the network conflicts in future. In case you need to check the private IP of your machine you simply need to open the command prompt and use the ifconfig command. The default private IP address of a router is considered as the single, most widely used and helpful address as it is not bounded to normal networks but used in a variety of broadband routers as specified before. Routers are vital in setting up a broadband connection and in today's generation internet network becomes a necessity of our daily life just like the morning coffee. Moreover broadband connections are also used in multiplayer games and in other networks. And it usual you may forget the administration username and password of your routers page. In this situation, you require resetting the routers network system and admittance TCP/IP LAN - Properties in easy language network panel of your router. Once you reset the router, you can able to modify the network settings. It supports to discover as much as possible about IP address, particularly as it's widely used IP address and also used for troubleshooting and for the general understanding of your router.To get inside the network control panel or configuration page of your router you need to enter the default private IP address of your router into the search bar of any browser (for example- By putting this inside the search bar and pressing enter you greeted with the network control panel or configuration page of your router. The network control panel must be asking you for an administration username and password. By default, the username is kept as admin and you don't need any password. So put "admin" in the username column and leave the password column blank and press enter. After doing that you get inside the router configuration page or network control panel. As mentioned above, or are all the private default IP address used by the broadband routers and they are not only assigned to you but there is a chance that the same default IP address is used by your neighbour's router. And as this address is so common someone can easily hack into your system and to prevent yourself you must set a unique username and password at the network control panel page of your router.

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